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Shipping Methods

Our top priority is to keep our customers satisfied. Therefore, orders made until 12:00 noon are shipped on the very same day, so that the products reach you the soonest possible. 

The delivery of your order may delay in cases of temporary stock shortage of specific products, electric power blackout, technical problems, unexpected severe weather conditions, strikes etc. In any case, we will communicate with you, inform you about any occurring difficulty and suggest the best possible solution.


With ACS courier:

Cost: Single charge for all areas. Only 5€ .

Time: You can receive the products you have ordered from the post-office of your district within 3-7 business days from shipping day. 

Shipment tracking: Through sms or e-mail, you will receive your order number with which you can track your order through the website of ACS courier.

Modes of payment:

1. Cash on delivery (delivered free of charge)

2. Direct deposit or bank transfer to bank account

3. PayPal