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Μεταλλικά Tattoo και κοσμήματα Μεταλλικά Tattoo και κοσμήματα

Angel’s tattoo!! The hottest summer trend now available also in Greece.

This is a beautiful and brand new trend… Technology has advanced and this gorgeous gold and silver texture is now possible to come out also in the form of tattoos.

In the past, there used to be only the black ink-like tattoos. This summer it is the first time that something like this comes out in the market. The material forms a sort of membrane covering the skin. Therefore:

  •  it looks as if wearing a highly impressive gold or silver bracelet, 

while at the same time

  • sunrays cannot go through it, so the skin is protected.

It lasts about one week and is easily removed with baby oil..  
Skin jewel tattoos have become the trend you will love and die to wear!!  The new hipster trend started from abroad and has spread everywhere! All Vips wears it: from Beyonce and Sarrah Jessica Parker to Fay Skorda, Konstantia Spyropoulou and Katerina Stikoudi. Just have a look:

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