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Instructions for use - video


How to apply your tattoos

1.Clean thoroughly the skin area where you intend to apply the tattoo. Make sure it is dry with no trace of cream or lotion. Pick the tattoo design you want to use and cut it out as close to the artwork edge as possible. Select the exact spot on your body to position the tattoo.  

2. Peel off the special membrane that protects the tattoo.

3. Place the tattoo design face-down onto the target body spot  so that it has full and perfect contact with your skin.

4. Firmly press a damp towel against the tattoo and hold it for 30 seconds. 

5. Gently and slowly peel the paper away from your skin. 

6. Pat gently the specific spot so that the tattoo is in full contact with the skin to set properly.

Tip  : To remove your tattoo, use baby oil , warm water and sponge.