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Body Αrt

Jewelry Tattoo gold and silver

to glam up your body

Designed Jewelry

Unique Jewelry

The new jewellery for

glamorous look

a Must-Have accessory, the most trendy fashion, is Jewelry tattoos

Captures the eye of Buddies

Create your own personal style

and attract admiring glances

Gold and Silver

Create your own style

Unique Designs

Jewelry Collection

and give brightness to your body

Elegant Tattoo

Find more sizes & styles

The trend of Stars NOW on your body

Metallic Sticky Tattoo

Our designs are unique in the world

Angel's Tattoos

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 WOW ! I Wear them on my body and love it!! ANGEL'S TATTOO will be the trnd of this SUMMER. Last long and have a perfect fit !! REAL JEWEL 


Agnes Collection Competition

Agnes Collection Competition

The Agnes Collection Contest has started...

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The must-have accessory in your summer vacation suitcase

The must-have accessory in your summer v…

Girls and boys, summer is here...

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Don’t miss it!!!

Don’t miss it!!!

Angel’s tattoo!! The hottest summer trend...

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